Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LovE YoU

When I told my boss "I care about my parents than anything in this world", He was looking at me with amusement.
"Don't you care about your own life?"
"This is my life sir, My life is my family"

I'm going through a hard time in my life.My mom is ill.I was behaving like a small kid and my mom was pampering me all these time. But once my mom fallen ill,my world turned upside down. I have so many duties lined up. Too many expenses. Emotionally I'm broken.

I went to my boss and told him,I'm going to resign my job because there is nobody to look after my mom.I'm a hard worker and he knows it.He never wanted to lose me.Then only this conversation started.

"Don't think you can hold of your family,Parents forever.You have to settle down in your life. You can't wait until you are old"
"Yes, I know. But my parents were everything for me. They gave me everything. Now It is my turn.I'll have to give everything what they want"

"That is their duty."
"then this is my duty"

He was looking at me proudly and said "I'll pray for your mom.If there is any need for money or support which I can offer,you can always come to me"
"Thank you sir"

"I like this commitment of yours and care for your family.I wish, my children also have this for me and treat me the same.I'm proud of you child"
I know this is what all the parents in this world wish. It could be from any part of this world.Any level of the society.They want their child to make them feel so special and cared by them. Not the money But THE CARE.

I LOVE you MOM and DAD. More than ANYTHING in this WORLD. I CARE about you.

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