Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Half Brother's Question

My Great Grand uncle passed away last week.Oh No,Don't sympathize that much because it was a happy news/incident for me(How cruel mined I am....).Because the funeral was in my home town which is far,far away.So it was a picnic after a long time(for me) :)

Not only myself.I could see all my relatives were in the same mood.I was quite happy about it otherwise I should pretend like crying(which I used to do in all the funerals).

My aunt's son,He is only 3 years old.A naughty brat though he is very quiet always.A silent killer.He has never been to any funerals.That is his first experience.He silently sat on a chair and noticed everything which was happening.Not even a single word he uttered.

After they took the coffin to the grave yard,he ran to me and asked. "Akki(Sister), Why they put our grand uncle inside a cupboard?And they are carrying him away as well.Are they going to throw him in to garbage pit?????He gonna smell bad when he returns home.Yuck....!"

I was speechless.

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