Friday, November 12, 2010

Simple hitting. Blood pouring..

Nobody is perfect. NOBODY..Even the people who shows them as perfect,they do have some silly minus points.

This story is about a teacher and his language.I'm not writing this to insult teachers(even am not so good in languages).But a small funny note to share with everybody.

There was a teacher in a small school who is very poor in English language.But he was very smart in covering it up.

One day when he was teaching,the class next to his, was filled with of noises.He got irritated by the noise as he couldn't continue the lesson.So he went to that class.

When he went, he saw two class students got together and playing cricket inside the class room.He shouted at them angrily and told them not to make any noise.Once he gone,they started doing the same thing again.

He was annoyed to the extreme and came back. Angrily slapped one child. unfortunately,The child's ear started bleeding.It was a very small injury on outer ear.But all the students made the teacher scare saying it is bleeding from inside.

The incident was taken to the principal.He asked what exactly happened.So the teacher started explaining this way.

"Two classes....Small Children...Playing cricket....
Shouting shouting....
I,one time telling. No hearing...
two times telling. No hearing...
three times telling No hearing...
Simple hitting. Blood pouring..."

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