Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Confused Mind

One thought keep on disturbing my mind these days.


Well,I'm disturbed.But I never let my emotions to affect my work.But now what happened to me?I did a self analysis as well.

1.Do you love your job?

2.Do you like your company?

3.Do you like your sub-ordinates/Superior/Colleagues/Employer?
Well,Yes I think. Colleagues, of cause. without a doubt. I LOVE them.

4.Anybody in office ill treating you?
hmmm. No I think.

5.Are you ill Physically or mentally/Are you not fit enough to work?
No. I'm quite alright.

6.Are you afraid of taking challenges?
No.Never ever.

7.Are you a hard working person?
Yes.But of the time smart worker.

8.Do you have any personal problems?

9.Ain't you getting paid well?
Well,Its a difficult question.Money is never been enough for anybody.But I could manage all my expenses from what I get.

10.Then WHAT THE HELL is your problem?
Huh..... I DON'T KNOW.

I'm even confused now.What is my problem actually?Is this common others as well?

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